Tom Terzis

Tom Terzis Biography

Education & Early Career

Tom Terzis graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a minor in Economics. Upon graduation, Tom began working in a variety of roles and industries, from the hospitality industry and a manufacturing company, to a schedule B bank and a telecom company. This diverse experience allowed Tom to develop strong relationship and financial analytical skills.


After building 20 years of diverse experience, Tom decided to venture on his own in the financial services industry. Currently, Tom is an Independent Wealth Specialist providing lifestyle and financial planning services. Additionally, Tom acts as an Accountability Coach, helping his clients stay on track over time to reach their life goals.

Recently, Tom began developing a network of powerful professionals specializing in every aspect of the financial planning industry. The business is designed for the convenience of high net worth individuals to address all their financial needs in one place.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys writing blogs on financial planning tips for individuals and businesses.